Thursday Mar 4, 2021  
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White Paper

If you want to capture customers' attention without losing any possible leads and manage your text to contents more efficiently, then a new class of technology may be the solution you need.

Using text messaging to do business is very efficient, it can get a hold of customers and business owners with no limitation of time and location. Your clients can list or pull information from their cell phones instantly.

We use high through-put, fast messaging system to deliver reliable business and customer information to you and your customers. Large messages can be concatenated or divided into continuous pages.

Manage Campaigns

How do you keep track of campaigns, manage your text to contents? how easy is it for you to change your text to content details/pricing is the determining factor for using a better service like ours. We have a unique user interface that you can use to create and manage any kind of text to contents. You will need to fill in necessary information about an event , product or service in a form in one page, you can also upload an image. To save all the information, just click on save button, all information is stored and retrievable.

Our text to content and manage text to content interfaces are very interactive and visual, easy and convenient to use. All the text to contents will be shown as records by campaign ID, create time, status, active or not. Each record can be further displayed, edited, activate/de-activate or deleted by click on the record.

Once a text to content is created, you can put it anywhere, newspapers, sell signs, etc. Customers can look it up from Internet, mobile device or text the campaign ID. text to content details will be retrieved by their cell phone or displayed on the Internet in full detail including agent, contact, pricing and how to make an appointment information. Customers can search your text to contents from internet and mobile device.

To edit an text to content , find the record you have created, click on edit, then change any information on the page you want, all the details and output format will be shown as you make modifications, click on update button. All changes will be saved.

It 's very easy to change any information you already listed on the fly. As you edit your text to content information, the output will be displayed on the right side of the page, the output format is same as when customers receive it from their cell phones or displayed on the internet or mobile devicea.


Customization is a convenient way to customize information, title, look and feel. All business app's tab, name, fields, views are customizable, we have an integrated interface you can use to customize any business apps, filter useful fields, add or select categories you want. You can also change the names from "publish text to contents", "manage text to contents" services and statistics.


Business Apps

Most business owners, property managers have contacts, business partners, tenants or customers. They are the integral part of our management solutions. Our business apps allow you to enter, edit, maintain your business contacts, partners or tenants/customers information easily. All business apps are shown as records by record id, category, email address, record status, cell phone number, modification date and other customizable data, items or numerical numbers. Other information such as book keeping, balance, payment can be managed use our apps too. All business app records are stored in our database as long as you want, you can edit, save or delete any record at any time.

You can upload your business contacts or customers by .csv file or download all your apps to a .csv file. All business apps can generate report or customized report in microsoft style sheet format.

If you need more business apps, any categorized app can be added as you want, currently you can add three more same apps use different names. Our technology does not limit how many and what kind of business apps are necessary for business owner. Give us feed back, we will serve your business needs.

Customer Service

Bulk text messaging is one of our business app feature to send text messages to your constant contacts, customers, partners. You can use it for payment due, notification, marketing initiative, emergency etc. All messages are re-useable, can be stored, edited or deleted. You can select as many customers or relevant customers/tenants as you want use our "Message" business app.


Your business performance will be reflected in a statistic chart as you use more and more of our services, you can see on the first page after you logged in, how many text to contents and sales over the time. It helps you to estimate expenses, business performance, evaluate the market and trends.

Manage Multiple Businesses

Our technology allow business owners to manage multiple businesses, you can change or add new business from ’Setup“ menu, click on Bizes link, select ’Add Biz“ button, which allow you to add a new business to your existing businesses, each business has it's own text to contents and business apps, you can switch between different businesses once you logged in.

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