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  • Retrieve data about biz, information, ads, service or product over the Internet quickly. Allow many brokers, sales agents to work out leads and sales in a timely manner.
  • Pull mobile ad, service, biz info anywhere, change pricing and details at anytime. Make an appointment right away.
  • Pick apps and customize your business apps and services in one integrated environment. Analyze multi-business performance on your dashboard.
  • Best in class service, cutting-edge technology, dedicated customer support, affordable pricing.
      Service Categories
    • Dedicated user interfaces
    • Table/View/Fields customization
    • Import andExport data
    • Generate leads and reports
    • Pick your unique text ID
    • Choose text formats and styles
    • Mobile search and app search listings
    • Automotive
    • Business Listing/Sell outside
    • Entertainment/tickets
    • Hotel/Concierge services
    • Real Estate
    • Renting/Leasing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Travel/Hospitality services
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